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All Star Honoree: Kathy Gallagher

Kathy GallagherKathy Gallagher knows just how much the concurrent enrollment program at Grandview High School means for students.

Gallagher, an administrative assistant at the school, is dedicated to connecting Grandview students to the opportunity to earn college credits when they’re still in high school. She never backs down from helping them navigate the complex registration process; she’s determined to see that those students who are dedicated enough find a bridge to higher education and real-world training.

Gallagher’s investment would be impressive in a normal school year, but the past 12 months have been anything but normal. Even as Grandview, along with the rest of the Cherry Creek School District, faced the challenges of a global pandemic, Gallagher kept up her commitment to concurrent enrollment students. This dedication came as Gallagher took on an added workload, assisting with the workload of two assistant principals at the school.

“Kathy is amazing every year, but this year she has gone above and beyond her job title and duties,” said Ann Manchester, English teacher at Grandview. “She is working for two assistant principals and has so many important items on her plate. She helps with all the AP testing and Concurrent Enrollment classes. One of those alone is a huge undertaking and so important, and she is doing both.

“Grandview would struggle a great deal without Kathy,” she added.

Gallagher’s willingness to take on a variety of skills with determination, enthusiasm and skill makes her a true Cherry Creek All Star, and her devotion to her students makes her an asset to the entire district. Beyond her work in making sure that all students have the skills and resources they need to succeed in college, a career or the military, Gallagher is known for making everyone’s day brighter with her enthusiasm and kindness.