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All Star Honoree Profile: Anna McInroy

Anna McInroyWhether you need someone who speaks Spanish or Twi to communicate with a parent, Anna McInroy can help. 

McInroy is the Manager of the Interpretation and Translation department, which receives more than 5,000 requests for support per day. For the thousands of culturally and linguistically diverse families in the district, English Language Support (ELS) is critical for student success. McInroy ensures that families that don’t speak English as their first language have the information and opportunity to be active supporters of their children’s education.

“She makes sure all families can communicate with teachers and hear about their children’s academic progress, as well as their social and emotional well-being,” Black Forest Hills Elementary ELS Specialist Elizabeth Cederberg said.

Being a bridge from schools to families isn’t easy, but no matter how busy McInroy is, she always puts people first. She believes that language shouldn’t be a barrier in parent-teacher conferences or for parents who want to be part of parent leadership and engagement groups. She also helps support school-based ELS Specialists with information on how to support classroom teachers.

“She is always so kind, patient, helpful and timely,” Pine Ridge Elementary ELS Specialist Jennifer Willner said. “Not only does she do a great job filling interpreter requests and scheduling meetings, but she is also extremely personable.”

Prior to the global pandemic, McInroy supported the district’s cultural liaisons, connected with outside agencies and helped schools and departments understand how these services worked. Now, she continues to do this work while adding virtual meetings and increased communications relating to the pandemic. Known to be responsive, professional and organized, McInroy has demonstrated exactly what it means to go above and beyond as a Cherry Creek All Star.

“During this pandemic, she works at any hour she needs to in order to help the families that need help,” Language Supports and Services Assistant Ashley Medina said. “She strives for the stars and wants the absolute best for the families we work with in this district.”


Posted 4/27/21.