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All Star Honoree: Sean Tobin

Sean Tobin and Jason KoenigSean Tobin has a way with technology.

Tobin, who serves as a support analyst for the district’s Help Desk, can tackle any problem that may arise with computers, copy machines, phones or any other piece of hardware. According to those he serves across the district, Tobin has an unparalleled expertise when it comes to making sure that all of the machines that we rely on to make the Cherry Creek School District function are in proper working order.

But Tobin’s value to the district goes far beyond his technical know-how. Tobin has built a reputation for his ability to connect with everyone he meets on a personal level; he’s known just as much for his empathy, his kindness and his willingness to help as he is for his extraordinary talent as a technician.

When Kelly Lucero, a computer technician at Cherry Hills Village Elementary, took time off to deal with the grief of a personal loss, for example, Tobin didn’t hesitate to help out. He offered his condolences, but he also offered to step in and handle Lucero’s workload.     

“He offered to take over my tickets and to share his contact information with the staff,” Lucero recalled. “Knowing that he was there to help released me from my guilt for leaving them without support. Our STEM teacher was extremely happy to have Sean's support, as he was finding it was impossible to teach and keep up with tech needs. It was a small gesture with a big impact; those little things matter.”

This gesture typifies Tobin’s approach to his work, one that puts as much emphasis on maintaining human connections as it does on technical connections. Tobin is a perfect example of a Cherry Creek All Star in the sense that he combines an expertise in his field with a huge heart; that’s what excellence is all about, and that’s how Tobin approaches his work on a daily basis.

-- Posted 4/29/21 at 10:30 AM