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Village East Elementary celebrates togetherness with Community Feast

 Village East Elementary Community Feast signThe Village East Elementary Winter Wonderland Community Feast was back by popular demand this year.

“Our kids who were here in 2019 when we did this the first time talked about how that memory is still in their hearts,” said Village East Principal Mia Robinson. “They are the ones who came to talk to our staff and ask for this event again, so we’re honoring their request.”

 Village East Elementary Community FeastThat’s why the school rented extra tables and chairs which filled every hallway in the school on Dec. 13. That’s the only way nearly 700 students, 80 staff members, and more than 100 parents and community members could sit down at the same time and enjoy a meal together.

“It’s cool!” said fifth-grader Nasir Johnson, about eating with his family, teachers, and classmates in the school hallway, instead of the cafeteria.

“I can meet new people!” added fourth-grader Conrad Tomczyk, who was also excited about the chance to eat lunch with his dad and his whole school.

It wasn’t an easy undertaking though. In addition to bringing in extra tables and chairs, the school kitchen staff had to set up special “hot rooms” in each wing of the school, where they passed out meals to teachers and dozens of parent volunteers, who then delivered them to students and guests before they, too, sat down to a communal meal.

 Village East Elementary Community Feast425“This is amazing!” said Board of Education member Janice McDonald, who was on hand for the festivities. “I was totally blown away when I saw all of the students and families. The halls are lined with students and parents and community members.”

McDonald said the community feast is an example of how Cherry Creek schools are putting the district’s Core Values into action.

“This is a great example of parent engagement and community engagement, and also building relationships,” McDonald said. “It’s awesome!”

Principal Robinson agreed and added that it was wonderful to hold the event again, especially since it was cancelled during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. She said the school took time to remember Katie Dragseth, a beloved teacher who passed away in 2019, and celebrate the vibrant Village East community. 

“We value each and every community member that we have,” Robinson said. “We are a very diverse community, and we honor and respect all ethnicities and all cultures and heritages. This is about bringing our entire Village East community together to have one meal together to honor and appreciate each other during the holidays!”

Posted 12/19/2022.