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Grandview juniors help raise money for Wounded Warriors Project

Students fundraise for Wounded Warrior Students at Grandview High School are helping to raise money this week for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), a non-profit that supports veterans and active duty service people. The student-led fundraiser was started by juniors Alexandra Brown and Charisma Greenfield, who wanted to give back to people who serve the community every day.

“My family is in the military, so I know firsthand the sacrifices that our service members make,” Greenfield said. “They’ve done so much for me and this country and it feels good to give back.”

Brown and Greenfield decided on the fundraiser for their participation in the school’s DECA club, which requires an annual twenty-page paper to be completed. This was the first fundraiser the young women had organized and they’re excited to see how it turns out. Grandview students will vote for their favorite teachers by donating money to the WWP, with the “winning” teachers dying their hair, wearing a costume or getting a pie to the face. The results will be announced on November 13.

“We thought that a fun incentive would motivate students to give,” Brown said. “It can feel like, as a student, you don’t have much power to create positive change. I will tell you that there’s always a way to make a difference.”

The women have been inspired by the support they have received from their parents, teachers and the Grandview community. They appreciate their teachers’ willingness to do something out of the ordinary for a good cause. Far from shying away, the women had teachers sign up almost instantly to help.

“It shows us how important it is to try to make a difference,” Greenfield said. “When we see teachers willing to dye their hair or take a pie to the face for a good cause, it creates a safe space for people to find their own way to change the world.”

“Our kids inspire and motivate me every day,” Grandview business teacher Will Baird said. “My mother and father both served in the military and I hold a deep reverence for our veterans. It’s so important to help others and I’m honored by our students’ commitment to supporting our men and women who serve.”

Like their classmates, Brown and Greenfield have keenly felt the impacts of the pandemic on their education. They are grateful for teachers who have worked to make themselves available during an unusual and unprecedented year.

“We are very lucky to have teachers who will give us grace and provide the support we need right now,” Brown said. “We’re all doing this for the first time and we can’t get through this without working together.”

Brown noted that she’s interested in pursuing a field in the environmental industry, while Greenfield is interested in law. Both say passion and perseverance is key for anyone who wants to make their mark on the world.

“If you care about it and it matters to you, then it’s worth the effort,” Greenfield said. “At the end of the day, nothing is as hard as it seems at first.”


Posted 11/10/20.