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CCSD Heroes Profile: Sarah Conley

Cherry Creek Heroes Award online ceremony for Sarah Conley In the midst of a global pandemic, Sarah Conley has found inspiration in the example of Cherry Creek School District students.

Conley, the district’s Director of Extended Child Services, has been integral in organizing and updating the department’s summer camp program to meet the needs of the moment. With the safety, security and health of students in mind, Conley and her department have helped organize summer activities and learning sessions that have kept students from kindergarten to fifth grade engaged when school is out of session.

The result has been impactful not only for the students involved, but for Conley and her staff as well.

“Students have no experience living through a pandemic; none of us do. To see them learning how to do it and remaining positive and engaged has been really powerful,” Conley said. “All of the kids are wearing their masks and staying six feet apart as they’re learning and interacting with their peers.”

The students’ engagement has come thanks in no small part to Conley’s consistent hard work. As ECS director, Conley has been a tireless advocate, working nonstop to make sure that students have options to safely learn, grow and thrive, even in the face of health restrictions and physical distancing guidelines.

Conley’s hand-on approach in the face of recent challenges is nothing new. Since starting as ECS director six years ago, Conley has served as an example for students and staff alike, working constantly to make sure the department meets its commitment to excellence. Recently, Conley received recognition as the latest recipient of the Cherry Creek Heroes Award, an honor that celebrates those in the district who show an investment in the community through extraordinary actions.

Those who nominated Conley for the award cited the endless support, kindness and empathy she shows for coworkers and students alike.

“She will drop everything she is doing to support us and our staff. She’s done it multiple times for me personally, and I know multiple directors can say the same thing,” wrote ECS employee Baylie Mueller. “With the current pandemic, we’re going through an especially hard time right now, and Sarah and the ECS team are doing an amazing job keeping us connected, comfortable and loving our jobs … I’m not the only one who believes that Sarah is definitely a hero to us directors in ECS.”

During the remote Cherry Creek Heroes Award presentation ceremony held last month, CCSD Superintendent Dr. Scott Siegfried offered a similar note of support, citing Conley’s unerring leadership and crisis during the most daunting challenges of the current moment.

“I appreciate everything you’ve done for our students, our staff and our community,” Siegfried said. “Your commitment to our district is clear, and your leadership is an example for all of us.”

 Posted 7/21/20 at 1:20 PM