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Eastridge fifth-graders share important mask message: Hide your nose

Eastridge Community Elementary students wearing masks Eastridge Community Elementary students wearing masks When fifth-grade students at Eastridge Elementary noticed a problem at their school, they took responsibility for coming up with a solution.

“They’ve been in the school for a long time and they take their leadership very seriously,” said fifth-grade teacher Cynthia Starr.

When school started in August with many safety protocols in place to protect students and staff members from the coronavirus, Starr’s students noticed that not everyone was wearing their face covering correctly. Specifically, they were wearing their masks under their noses, especially when they were walking in the hallways, standing in the lunch line or waiting for the bus.

“We want to be a community of safe learners and we want to stay in school,” Starr explained. “In order to do that, we have to wear our face coverings properly.”

So she challenged her students to come up with a way to address the issue. They collaborated with fellow fifth-graders in Gloria Wright’s class, brainstormed different ideas and came up with a simple solution that consisted of just three words: “Hide your nose.”

The students are modeling proper mask-wearing and are reminding younger students to do the same.

Earlier this month they posed for photos showing proper face-covering and physical distance practices, so they can create posters to help spread their “Hide your nose” message. Eastridge’s fifth-graders say their goal is as simple as their solution - to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Posted 10/27/2020.