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Ballot Measures 4A and 4B Pass in Support of Cherry Creek Schools

Thank you voters!

The majority of voters in the Cherry Creek School District have voted to support ballot issues 4A and 4B, which will give the district critical funds needed to retain and recruit excellent teachers, keep a nurse in every school, build a mental health facility and make improvements to schools. 

The passage of these ballot measures will help Cherry Creek Schools maintain excellence for all students even as we navigate these challenging times.

“We are so thankful to our community for recognizing the importance of our teachers, nurses and mental health staff,” Superintendent Dr. Scott Siegfried said. “These funds will maintain the high standards of excellence we are committed to and allows us to provide the resources necessary to prepare our students to pursue their own pathways of purpose.”

“This victory also allows us to begin planning for a post-COVID world with our students, staff and community, as opposed to having discussions about where to make severe cuts to the budget. I look forward to involving the entire Cherry Creek Schools community in that planning process,” Siegfried said.

Issue 4A, the budget override for operating expenses, will allow the district to:

  • Deliver on our promise of excellence for every child, every day – even in the face of a pandemic;
  • Recruit and retain the best teachers, and keep class sizes small to ensure student success;
  • Continue the district’s commitment to having mental health workers in every school;
  • Maintain a focus on health by keeping a registered nurse in every school;
  • Ensure access to technology for all who need it so they can be successful in the classroom or through remote learning; and
  • Decrease the impact of unprecedented budget cuts from the state.

“In CCSD, we know how essential our teachers, nurses, and mental health workers are for the success of our 55,000 students,” Board of Education President Karen Fisher said. “The pandemic has helped to place a spotlight on their importance. With the successful passage of 4A and 4B, and after a vaccine is in use, I am confident that our nurses and teachers will continue to be central to moving their professions forward and to influencing policy to improve the future of education and our schools.”

The passage of 4B authorizes the district to sell $150 million in bonds for renovations and new school construction, including:

  • Funding to build a mental health/day treatment center to support students;
  • New intercom systems for schools, push-button deadbolt locks for all classroom doors and secure double vestibules at elementary and middle schools;
  • Ensure all students have access to technology during any additional periods of Remote learning;
  • Funding for every high school to renovate space to create innovative environments that transform learning;
  • Providing technical equipment aligned with industry certifications and career and technical training for career preparation for students;
  • Expand programming options and create new pathways for in-demand careers that drive Colorado’s economy at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus;
  • Build a new elementary school in southeast Aurora to alleviate overcrowding in rapidly growing neighborhoods; and
  • Additional funds that will be combined with 2016 bond dollars to provide a significant remodel to the Village East Elementary cafeteria space that can accommodate the school’s 700 students.


Posted 11/4/2020.