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CCSD Heroes Profile: Brien Hodges

Brien Hodges CCSD Heroes Award ceremony. Taking care of a community during a crisis requires an across-the-board approach.

As Director of Funded Projects and Title 1 Operations for the Cherry Creek School District, Brien Hodges works at the macro level, working with state and federal entities to secure important grants, funds and resources for families across CCSD’s 108 square miles. But as a leader and as a district representative fully engaged in the community, Hodges knows that work of helping families in Cherry Creek Schools goes beyond administration and office work. It means interacting directly with individuals, and it means making meaningful, real-world connections with students, parents and colleagues alike.

“Brien Hodges truly cares about the people he works with and for. He wants the best for everyone, and he brings out the positives in those around him,” said CCSD Grant Coordinator Teresa Cummins. “He helps them in using their strengths to make the work we do in CCSD meaningful, impactful and thoughtful.”

For Hodges, that approach has meant volunteering at the Aurora Mobile Food Pantry, being a member of the district’s Employee Recognition Committee and working one-on-one with countless families who’ve come up against hard times. This work has been especially crucial over the past eight months, as the global COVID-19 pandemic has upended everyday life for thousands in the CCSD community.

Hodge’s consistent commitment to working firsthand with families and inspiring his colleagues recently earned him the Cherry Creek Heroes award, an honor designed to celebrate those in the Cherry Creek Schools community who commit extraordinary actions on behalf of all.

“Brien is a CCSD Hero because he's always looking after his team, and he makes sure he's available whenever there’s a question or something comes up,” said CCSD Superintendent Dr. Scott Siegfried during a virtual awards presentation earlier this week. During the online meeting, Siegfried read testimonials from Hodges’ peers and colleagues, and noted that his unfailing positivity has directly impact thousands in the district. “Brien, your ability to remain positive and hopeful in challenging times has made a real difference. We appreciate your commitment to students, parents and families; we appreciate the fact that you are constantly able to inspire us all to do better.”

Leslie Navarro-Walker, the Cherry Creek School District’s Homeless, Title I and Community Engagement Liaison received the Cherry Creek Heroes Award earlier this year. She noted that her own extraordinary work on behalf of the district’s most vulnerable individuals was possible in part thanks to Hodges’ constant support.

“Brien has also been so giving of his time volunteering for the Aurora Mobile Food Pantry, picking up and delivering food to various schools, being on the Employee Recognition Committee, and offering to help out a family when they need him the most” Navarro-Walker wrote. “He has been there for me personally as well, always making sure both myself and my girls are doing OK.

“He is definitely a Cherry Creek Hero!” she added.

Posted 11/18/20 at 11 AM