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CCSD Heroes Profile: Marisela Ramirez

CCSD Heroes Ceremony for Marisela Ramirez Heroism can come in all forms and can positively affect a community in myriad ways.

Marisela Ramirez, a family liaison at Sagebrush Elementary School, has found a broad range of ways to prove her heroism and her value to the entire community. She works tirelessly to connect with all of Sagebrush’s students, parents and family in order to ensure that every student has proper access to excellence. She has organized toy drives for students, collected supplies and essential materials for families and offered her colleagues an unending supply of generosity and kindness.

All of this would be enough to have secured Ramirez the status of Cherry Creek Hero, an honor that celebrates those in the district who commit extraordinary actions on behalf of the entire community.

But in addition to Ramirez’s consistent work as an educator, counselor and liaison for the students, parents and staff of Sagebrush, she’s also served as a literal lifesaver for one member of the school’s community.

According to Ramirez’s Cherry Creek Heroes nomination form, her knowledge of CPR was the difference between life and death for a visitor facing a medical emergency.

“Marisela saved a man's life because of her CPR certification. She sprang into action, completed chest compressions, and got the Aurora Police Department,” her colleague wrote. “The man is lucky to be alive today because our hero was there.”

Cherry Creek School District Superintendent Dr. Scott Siegfried paid tribute to all of these feats of heroism during a virtual awards ceremony held earlier this month. Ramirez’s colleagues joined her online as Siegfried sang her praises and detailed exactly why her attitude and actions qualify her as a Cherry Creek Hero.

“You have shown that you’re more than willing and able to work hard on behalf of our students, their families and our entire community,” Siegfried said. “Not only have you made a measurably important and positive difference in the everyday life of our school, but your expertise has literally saved a man’s life. You are a hero in every sense of the word.”

According to those who work with her at Sagebrush, a simple but unfailing spirit of generosity is behind all of Ramirez’s work for the community.

“Marisela is the kind of person you hope you are lucky enough to have working with you. She works hard to connect with our families and gather resources that will support each of them,” a colleague wrote. “She is generous and kind to everyone she works with and goes the extra mile to help whenever and however she can. She has a heart of gold and a listening ear. The Sagebrush community is beyond blessed to have Marisela on our team.”

-- Posted 3/26/21 at 2 PM