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CCSD Heroes Profile: John Vargas

John Vargas during the CCSD Heroes ceremony. John Vargas has plenty of personal reasons to make sure that students across the Cherry Creek School District honor the sacrifices of veterans.

Vargas received the Purple Heart, the military’s highest honor, and the Distinguished Flying Cross awards for his heroism serving in the Vietnam War. He’s held several significant positions in veterans organizations across the Denver metro area, including as a current trustee with the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Even so, Vargas’s consummate efforts on behalf of the district’s annual veterans celebrations aren’t self-centered. Vargas works tirelessly on organizing Cherry Creek Schools’ annual Veterans and Military Appreciation game, its Quilts of Valor celebrations and other events designed to pay veterans their proper due. Those who know him, however, insist that all of that work comes on behalf of others.

“John Vargas is an amazing individual, and he’s as humble as anyone you’ll ever meet,” said Larry Bull, CCSD’s Director of Athletics and Activities. Bull works closely with Vargas in organizing annual events designed to pay tribute to veterans and service members in the community. “He has been an asset to our district; he’s a remarkable individual who cares deeply about others and is always willing to help with any aspect of our celebrations.”

This unfailing kindness and dedication recently earned Vargas the Cherry Creek Heroes Award, an honor that recognizes those in the community who commit extraordinary actions on behalf of Cherry Creek Schools. According to CCSD Superintendent Dr. Scott Siegfried, Vargas qualified for the award because of the generosity, commitment and investment that’s been consistent over many years.

“John has never hesitated in giving his all to celebrate our community’s veterans and service members,” Siegfried said. “Though he’s earned awards for his own heroism in the service of our country, John is focused on giving credits to others and making sure their contributions are recognized. This dedication has benefitted our students directly; year after year, they see firsthand just how much our veterans have given to our community and our country.”

Vargas’s wife Kathleen is liable to speak about her husband’s skills as a cook, his support of her artistic endeavors and his passion as a world traveler. All of these qualities are part of a bigger pattern of selflessness that have benefitted the entire CCSD community and far beyond.

“There are many attributes I could offer to describe John. But so many people from all walks of life know him for his kindness, authenticity and generosity,” Kathleen Vargas said. “Not surprisingly, he makes friends wherever we visit.”

The Cherry Creek School District is definitely on that list.

Posted 4/8/21 at 9:30 AM