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Pine Ridge students use Zoom skit to learn about growth mindset

Pine Ridge Zoom The time-honored tradition of a school assembly got a Zoom makeover when elementary students used the software platform to share the importance of a growth mindset.

For years, the Pine Ridge Elementary Student Council has participated in the school’s LEAP assemblies (Leadership, Effort, Always Safe, Positive Attitude). This year, students individually filmed performances to be shown during remote assemblies and recently created one to poke a little fun at Zoom while learning a valuable lesson.

The skit featured students pretending to be on a Zoom call when a character makes a “marvelous mistake,” and the group learns about growth mindset. Growth mindset is a way of looking at the world that emphasizes continued learning, especially from mistakes. The fifth-grade students who participated in the skit said it was a fun experience that also helped them learn.

Avery Steiner, a fifth-grader at Pine Ridge, appreciated getting to meet new people and use her love of acting and theater.

“I've made many mistakes during this time, like forgetting to bring a mask or not quite staying socially distant,” Steiner said. “This skit has helped me remember to ‘know that mistakes are a great opportunity to learn and grow!’”

Dallin Olsen, another fifth-grade Student Council member, loves trying new things and working with new people.

“Doing a skit about ‘Marvelous Mistakes’ has helped me realize everything can be marvelous, especially when you learn from things,” Olsen said.

Another fifth-grader who participated in the skit, Adelle Schneider, loved the teamwork and efforts by her classmates to make a challenging story fun and interesting.

I learned a lot about growth mindset, and I did learn that working together makes a great team,” Schneider said. “It definitely encouraged me to keep going, and I hope that this skit will teach others about growth mindset. I really hope they have fun and are entertained. This skit was definitely the most fun I have had in fifth grade.”

School social worker Stacey Withanie and fourth-grade teacher Jenny Bergner began the school year asking themselves how they could honor the legacy of LEAP assemblies, which have been a way for the Pine Ridge community to learn, grow and connect with each other since the school opened and began these assemblies eleven years ago. Withanie and Bergner worked together to develop a vision for remote assemblies with Bergner providing the technical know-how.

“I love getting together to celebrate students,” Bergner said. “I suggested we try virtual assemblies and get some kids together to create skits and talent videos. We’re currently working on our third assembly, and they have really helped us keep some sense of normalcy and connection.”

Withanie is hopeful that in-person assemblies can return soon, but for now she is hopeful and proud of her students. It isn’t easy to navigate screen fatigue at any level; for elementary students, it can be particularly challenging.

“I am so impressed with our students’ ability to take something difficult and find the resilience to keep going,” Withanie said. “I am so lucky to be part of their journey.”


Posted 4/8/21.