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All Star Honoree Profile: Kati Brinks

Kati Brinks Dedicated. Team player. Great listener. Problem solver. Kati Brinks is all this and more. 

As the office manager at Dry Creek Elementary, Brinks brings a sharp eye for details and a warm heart to her role every day. She knows every child by name, and their parents’ names, as well. Her colleagues take joy in Brinks’ ability to put people first and ensure that the school is running smoothly.

“Kati is the definition of steadfast,” art teacher Sarah Glennon said. “She’s a rock for our school and community. She’s unwavering in her memory, accountability and generosity.”

Brinks’s colleagues point out the myriad ways in which she supports the school, from being a surrogate mother to teachers without nearby family to putting out figurative fires to listening non-judgmentally to the challenges and problems that come her way.

“Kati has taken on more roles to help everyone out and does it all with a smile and a happy heart,” Dry Creek paraprofessional Mitzi Franz said.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to create cohorts, it left the Dry Creek staff short-staffed for supervision duties. Brinks agreed to supervise a class for lunch and recess and clean/sanitize the tables and chairs afterwards.

“She does this every day, never complaining and always with a positive attitude,” paraprofessional Elizabeth Arnal-Campos said. “She is a serene and gentle person and she has been a calming presence during the craziness of this last year.”

The Dry Creek community is so lucky to have an All Star like Brinks as part of their community, showing them how dedication to excellence creates strong, thriving schools.


Posted 4/13/21.