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Message about Ukraine crisis and available mental health resources

CCSD logoWe know that stress related to the war and crisis in Ukraine can have an impact on students, staff, and our community. At Cherry Creek Schools, we are committed to supporting the mental and emotional health of all of our students, including those who need extra support in light of this crisis.

Every CCSD school has mental health professionals on-site, as well as nurses and other medical professionals. Our skilled counselors and mental health staff are available to support students, families, and CCSD employees who may be impacted by the current events in Ukraine and beyond. Please feel free to reach out to your school or log on to the district’s “Mental Health” resources webpage to connect with these resources. The National Association of School Psychologists’ guide for parents and caregivers is available online and is a valuable resource for providing support in difficult circumstances.

We know that our Cherry Creek Schools community isn’t isolated. Our students, staff, and families are impacted by what happens in the larger world, and our commitment to our core values means being conscientious and caring in a global sense. We are dedicated to the whole well-being, mental health and social-emotional health of every single one of our students.

- Posted 3/11/2022 at 1:30 PM