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Pinwheels and pledges mark World Peace Day at Timberline Elementary

Timberline Elementary Peace Day celebrationThird-grader Karter Anzai understands the very essence of World Peace Day.

“Peace Day is mainly about having fun, taking care of each other, and if somebody has hurt themselves, help them up and say, ‘Are you OK?’”

That message of kindness and concern for others is just what Principal Mary Bowens was hoping her students would learn as they prepared to celebrate World Peace Day on Sept. 21.

Peace pinwheels“This year we implemented social-emotional time in the morning, and our teachers have taken that time to talk about how we can lead a peaceful life and also have peace within ourselves,” Bowens said. Teachers and students have also discussed ending racism, which is the theme of this year’s international celebration. “We’ve been talking about cultural differences and how we respect and accept each other and learn to love and care and be kind to one another.”

To mark World Peace Day, every student wrote a “peace pledge” that highlighted the ways they will try to foster peace at school, at home and in their community.

“If someone was being mean to someone, I would help them and I would say that this is not allowed in school and bullying is not really a good choice,” Anzai said.

Fourth grade student Taten Peterson said his pledge is “Be nice to each other, no fighting, just have fun, and make new friends and stuff.”

Timberline studentsStudents also made their own “peace pinwheels,” which they decorated in their own unique style.

“I put a rainbow on the back and yellow with pink in the middle and blue with purple on the front,” second grader Sarah Daugherty said proudly. She and her schoolmates started their World Peace Day celebration by “planting” their pinwheels on Timberline’s front lawn, as a colorful, visual reminder of the power of peace.

The celebration wrapped up with two energetic assemblies featuring members of the Soul Rhythm African Drumming group.

“What a great opportunity to unify our building and just talk about how important peace is,” Principal Bowers said.

Posted 9/21/2022.