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Summit Elementary kindergarten students start rolling with balance-to-pedal bikes

Big surprise for the kindergarten studentsIn the middle of the Summit Elementary School gym, a parachute covered a big surprise for kindergarten students. The students looked on with excitement and made some good guesses as to what the surprise could be.

“I think it’s a spaceship,” one student yelled.

“It’s new basketballs!” another student said.

After a drumroll by the students, the 24 balance-to-pedal conversion bikes and helmets were unveiled. The students’ reactions were priceless. Some were jumping with joy!

“I was really excited, and my reaction was… (eyes go wide and mouth opens) I was shocked!” Finley Williamson said.

“I wanted to ride on it!” Deklan Dimsdle said after seeing the bikes for the first time.

The bikes will be a new program just for kindergarten classes teaching them the proper techniques to ride a bike safely. The donation of bikes was made possible by All Kids Bike. This bike program exemplifies the Cherry Creek Schools Core Values of Growth Mindset and Equity.

“These bikes are so important because of the inclusiveness, for every student regardless of if they know how to ride or bike or not, they can hop on a bike and find success and find ways to move around and by the end, ride a bike which is a lifelong skill,” Summit P.E. Teacher Marc Vigil explained.

Kindergarten students excited to see the bikes for the first time.All Kids Bike is a national movement that aims to teach every child in America how to ride a bike by placing learn-to-ride programs in kindergarten physical education classes. The organization received a grant from Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative to fund 10 programs across the U.S., which included Summit Elementary School.

“You have to move the bike with your feet, and I’m going to go fast!” Hayden Sanchez said.

Vickery Motorsports staff assembled the fleet of bicycles in preparation for the delivery to the school. The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program is actively taught in all 50 states serving more than 100,000 students per year.

“It’s not too often you get a new toy that you weren’t even expecting!” Vickery Motorsports Owner Bill Vickery said. “Riding a bike is such an important skill. These bikes don’t go very fast, they only go as fast as they can be pushed and how this works is, after several lessons, they put pedals on them.”

The Strider bikes do have pedals and a chain system once the students understand the lessons of balance and momentum without pedals. All of the students will learn how to ride a bike together.

“I think the number of students that this is going to impact year after year to be able to learn how to ride a bike is huge,” Vigil added. “A lot of students and families don’t always get that opportunity to have a bike or even learn how to ride a bike.”

Students riding bikes“Almost every kid grows up riding a bicycle and probably falls off it a few times,” Vickery added. “If they have their balance and know what to do, odds are they are going to like it, and they won’t get hurt.”

Mr. Vigil is looking forward to seeing his students overcome challenges and become more confident riding a bike. He said he is happy that there is a program specifically designed for kindergarten students.

“Hopefully they will love it up,” Vigil said.

The bikes are adjustable, so the program might expand to first and second grades in the future. The bikes are also good for inside and outside riding.

Posted 11/15/2022.