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CCSD prepares to offer universal preschool

Preschool studentsThe Cherry Creek School District will offer free, half-day preschool to 4-year-olds at all elementary schools in the Cherry Creek School District starting in the 2023-24 school year.

Free, half-day preschool will be available for all students who turn 4 years old by Oct. 1 the year before kindergarten.

Preschool studentHere is what CCSD will offer next year:

  • High-quality preschool in all elementary schools across the district
  • Extended-day options in every program, which may include tuition
  • Preschool curriculum that is aligned with our elementary curriculum
  • Special services for students who qualify for special education, language supports, and advanced academics

CCSD is leading the way in Colorado preparing to implement high-quality free preschool for all. Though many details are left to be worked out at the state level, we continue to plan to successfully implement universal 4-year-old preschool next year.

The registration process will begin in mid-January and will involve multiple steps. Parents will have to register with the state first, and we will send that link as soon as it becomes available. After parents register with the state, there will be a separate process to register with the CCSD Admissions Office.

Starting in mid-January, updates can be found at the CCSD Early Childhood Education webpage:

If you are interested in joining the Early Childhood Education team, please visit:

CCSD is grateful to our preschool staff and principals for their hard work in preparing to welcome a new class of preschoolers into their buildings next year.

Posted 12/14/2022.