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Cherry Creek School District achieves highest-ever graduation rate

GraduatesFor the second consecutive year, the Cherry Creek School District achieved its highest-ever graduation rate. The on-time (or four-year) graduation rate for the class of 2022 is 90.9%, up from 90.7% for the class of 2021.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) released statewide data on graduation rates on Jan. 10. Cherry Creek Schools’ 2022 graduation rate of 90.9% surpasses the state average of 82.3%, and the most recently available national average of 85%. Notably, the class of 2022 at Cherokee Trail High School achieved a 97% four-year graduation rate, the fourth-highest graduation rate in Colorado for high schools with 500+ students.

The 90.9% graduation rate for Cherry Creek Schools represents 4,006 students who graduated in 2022 after four years. Graduates in the class of 2022 earned more than $53 million in grants and scholarships for higher education.

“This graduation rate is a testament to the dedication and determination of our students, their teachers and their families,” Superintendent Chris Smith said. “It is also evidence that our dedication to excellence and focus on our Core Values, including Growth Mindset and Engagement, continues to help students develop the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in higher education, the military, and the workforce.”

The 2022 on-time graduation rate increased for five of the seven federally reported race/ethnicity groups. Specifically, the graduation rate for American Indian students is 86.2%, up 3.6 points from 2021. For Asian students, the rate is 97.6%, up 1.4 points from 2021. The graduation rate for Hispanic students is 85.3%, up 1 point from 2021. For White students, the rate is 93.8%, up 0.5 points from 2021. The rate for students of two or more races/ethnicities is 89.9%, up 0.6% from 2021. The on-time graduation rate for Black students is 85.4%, down 3.6 points from 2021. For Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students, nine of 14 students graduated on-time, compared to eleven of twelve students in 2021.

“The Cherry Creek School District is committed to continuing our racial equity work and seeking ways to provide equitable opportunities for all our students to succeed. We continue to expand access to high-level coursework and recruit and retain more outstanding teachers of color to reflect the racial diversity of our student population,” Smith said. “We want to ensure that all our students have the support they need to find their pathway of purpose and reach their full potential.”

CDE also calculates the seven-year graduation rate, a measure that acknowledges some students need more time to reach graduation. The seven-year rate for Cherry Creek Schools is 93.8%, up from 93.1% in 2021.

In addition, CDE calculates the state dropout rate. The statewide rate for 2022 is 2.2%, compared to 1.4% for Cherry Creek Schools.

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Posted 1/26/2023.