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CCSD students participate in the annual Spelling Bee

CCSD Spelling BeeJacobi Holck from Horizon Community Middle School was confident when she heard the final word at the district’s annual spelling bee was “Quebec” after spelling “defamatory” correctly.

“Quebec… Q-U-E-B-E-C,” Holck spelled, then threw her hands in the air with excitement after winning the 2023 District Spelling Bee.

Holck and second place winner Anish Allu from Sky Vista Middle School went back and forth for eight rounds. 34 elementary and middle school finalists from across the district competed in the oral spelling bee on Saturday, Jan. 28 for the top title of Spelling Bee Champion. It took about three hours and 9 rounds to decide the district’s best speller. The top 20 students will now take the written State Bee test.

1st Place Jacobi Holck – Horizon Middle School, 8th Grade

2nd Place Anish Allu – Sky Vista Middle School, 6th Grade

3rd Place Olivia Veiga – Creekside Elementary, 5th Grade

4th Place Will Raleigh - Challenge School, 7th Grade

5th Place Mishaal Bilal – Cottonwood Creek Elementary, 5th Grade

6th Place Kassidy Owens – Liberty Middle School, 8th Grade

7th Place Gentry Gordon – Challenge School, 7th Grade

8th Place Charlie Rochford – Holly Hills Elementary School, 5th Grade

9th Place Utkarsh Salgar – Sky Vista Middle School, 8th Grade

10th Place Chance Fischer – Antelope Ridge Elementary School, 4th Grade

11th Place Brahan Eashwar – West Middle School, 8th Grade

12th Place Anika Lukhey – Fox Ridge Middle School, 8th Grade

13th Place Aishwarya Manian – Campus Middle School, 8th Grade

14th Place Mara Knowlton – Thunder Ridge Middle School, 6th Grade

CCSD Spelling Bee15th Place Grant Lee – Liberty Middle School, 8th Grade

16th Place Lena Gordon – Laredo Middle School, 8th Grade

17th Place Leo Yadav – Challenge School, 8th Grade

18th Place Iona Christy – Laredo Middle School, 8th Grade

19th Place Alekzander Berecz – West Middle School, 6th Grade

20th Place Shruti Rajan – Aspen Crossing Elementary School, 5th Grade

On Friday, the district held a written spelling test with 200 students participating with 40 words. Deputy Superintendent Jennifer Perry helped with the award ceremony on Saturday.

“We are so proud of our students and the sportsmanship they showed during the competition,” Perry said. “These students have modeled the commitment to growth that is so important to foster a lifelong love of learning.”

Posted 1/30/23.

CCSD Spelling Bee 2023