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RECCS awards scholarships to twelve seniors

scholars sitting on steps The Retired Educators of Cherry Creek Schools (RECCS) held their annual scholarship ceremony to honor twelve high school seniors on May 17. Each student was awarded $3,000 for financial assistance towards higher education or post-graduate training. 

“We want to show them how much we appreciate them and how proud we are of them,” said RECCS President, Meagan Fox. “It’s a great way to keep us involved in our favorite district. Reading their applications is phenomenal and it’s so difficult to choose. We wish we could give one to everyone who applies.” 

There are three scholarship categories: Merit, Adversity, and Career and Technical scholarships. Merit scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated academic achievement and contribution to school and the community. This year’s Merit scholars are Charlene Yee, Ayaka Becker, Brady Yamanaka, merit scholar smiling with her family Estubdink Worku, and Trish Balani. 

Awardee Ayaka Becker commented, “It really makes me proud reflecting on all I did in high school, keeping my GPA as high as I could and getting involved with the community. It all really helped me to have success now and I hope that it will in college as well. So I'm really thankful for the scholarship and recognizing how hard I worked in high school.” 

Adversity scholarships are awarded to students who have faced and dealt with physical, mental, emotional, family, or financial adversity. This year’s Adversity scholars are Tayler Ellison, Laura Rogel, Noelia Plascencia, Megan Bukovinsky, and Vincent Lan. 

Adversity scholar standing next to podium“The Adversity scholarship means a lot to me because going through what I went through - being diagnosed with cancer twice - it gives me hope and shows me how far I've come. Even though I've been in a hospital for so long, and gone through so many things and so many treatments and medication, I can still make it through and make it out,” said Adversity scholar Tayler Ellison. 

Ellison plans on attending the University of Southern Florida next fall on a pre-med track.

“Being involved in the hospital as a patient, I want to help others similar to me and inspire them and tell them ‘You can do it too!’ I want to help them get through something I did too,” Ellison said. 

Career and Technical scholarships are awarded to students who wish to pursue a career, trade, or technical education at a community college or a certificate program. The 2023 Career and Technical scholars are career and tech scholar speaking at podiumParker Martin and Chloe Limburg. 

“It’s helping me fulfill my dreams, because without it I wouldn't be able to go to school and it's really exciting to be able to do that, because I've always wanted to,” said Limberg, who currently runs an auto shop that serves customers, including single parents and seniors, who can’t afford typical auto repair prices. 

“I'm excited, I really like working with the community. It makes me happy,” she said. 

Deputy Superintendent Jen Perry said, “We’re so lucky that we have such a dedicated group of retirees who fund these ongoing scholarships for our kids. It’s so meaningful for them to still contribute to the school district because they’re dedicated to excellence and still believe in the mission of the Cherry Creek School District to support kids.”