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‘Dream it, do it, believe it’: Moose Hills Executive Disc Golf Course

students who created the course cut the ribbonTwo years ago, fifth grade students at Altitude Elementary School had a dream to create a frisbee golf course. On May 23, those dreams became reality when students cut the ribbon to a brand new 9-hole course.

“I think it is really neat,” Cataina Kitchell said. “When we first thought of it, it was only one basket and only 20 feet, so it’s really exciting that it has expanded to an actual course.”

The fifth graders are now seventh graders at Fox Ridge Middle School. They worked on the project for weeks, planning, measuring, designing, and pitching their idea to Principal Scott Schleich. The project was funded in part from the PTCO as well as a wellness grant from the district.

“For them to actually see something happen, something that they dreamed come true, that’s why we do what we do,” Principal Schleich added. “I get goosebumps just thinking about it.”

The goal is to have all the elementary students learn how to play frisbee golf during P.E. class and then teach their families how to play. Altitude hopes this will teach the students not only how to play frisbee golf but the basics of golf too.

“We were talking about a legacy and how we would want to be remembered here,” Livingston Ramsey explained. “A couple people thought of it, and we all agreed on it.”throwing the frisbee in the net

Although the course goes around the school, this was a project for the entire community. The course is on the national disc golf app and database so Moose Hills Executive Disc Golf Course will be played by anyone who wants to play.

“I think it is really cool that our dream came alive,” Emma Kitchell said. “Now people can feel the enjoyment that we got trying to create this course and leaving a legacy behind.”

The students who created the course were the first to throw a frisbee on it after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“My favorite part is that it goes behind the playground,” Isabella Kitchell added. “It’s something that you can do away from the school.”

Principal Schleich said this will encourage other students to take risks and challenge themselves to try something new, which can inspire others.

“Hard work pays off,” Olivia Remien said. “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Moose Hills Executive Disc Golf Course is located at 27300 East Southshore Drive in Aurora.

Posted on 6/02/2023.

students holding discs preparing to cut the ribbonstudents throwing their discs into the netstudents preparing to play disc golf