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Traverse Academy students receive ‘Supplies for Success’

Traverse welcome bagsThanks to a generous donation from the Tuchman Family Foundation, students attending Traverse Academy have received ‘Supplies for Success’ to support their mental health journey.

Traverse Academy, the nation’s first mental health facility operated by a school district, opened in October. Thanks to the support of local taxpayers who approved funding for the building as part of the 2020 bond measure, the facility has become a safe space for students ages 10-18 who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

“I am blown away by the critical work happening at Traverse. It is deeply needed, and my hope is that it will become a model for school districts here in Colorado and nationwide,” said Ken Tuchman, co-founder of the Tuchman Family Foundation. “Our annual ‘Supplies for Success’ campaign is about listening to teachers and providing tools they need to help students thrive.”

Traverse welcome bagsThe Tuchman Family Foundation delivered 100 Welcome and 100 Launch bags for students entering the program and students transitioning back to their home school. The Welcome and Launch bags include a wide range of items, such as sensory toys and puzzles, mindfulness cards, stress relief balls, aromatherapy bracelets and more. The items were selected by a committee of Traverse Academy staff members.

“People facing mental health challenges don’t always feel seen and supported, so I can’t tell you how much it means to receive a donation like this,” said Kim Avalos, principal of Traverse Academy. “It truly takes all of us working together, and we are extremely grateful for this very generous gift to our students.”

The Cherry Creek Schools Foundation (CSSF), in coordination with the Cherry Creek School District, has established the Cherry Creek Schools Mental Health Relief Fund to aid students, families and local communities. The fund helps ensure that any student who is seeking mental health support does not encounter barriers that would prohibit them from getting help. You can donate here.


Posted 11/30/23.