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Exceptional educators honored at Educator of the Year event

2024 Educator of the Year eventThe Cherry Creek School District honored sixty-two extraordinary educators at the 2024 Educator of the Year event, held April 18 at the Denver Marriott South. The honorees were selected by their schools because of their dedication to students, their innovative and inspiring teaching methods, and their commitment to helping all students reach their full potential and find their pathway of purpose.

2024 Educator of the Year eventThe honorees included teachers from kindergarten through twelfth grade; elementary educators who teach all subjects and middle and high school teachers who specialize in specific subjects, including math, science, language arts, or social studies. There were art, theater, and music teachers, physical education teachers, a social worker, an occupational therapist, a counselor, and more. Though they all have different experience and expertise, they all share a passion for helping students succeed.

2024 Educator of the Year event

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Perry welcomed the honorees and their families, and thanked them for their dedication to excellence. The Grandview High School Jazz Choir did a heartfelt and moving musical performance, and then members of the Cherry Creek Schools Board of Education congratulated the honorees, who received a special award created by students at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus.

Congratulations to the 2024 Cherry Creek School District Educator of the Year honorees:

  • Monica Anderson, Physical Education Teacher, Mission Viejo Elementary
  • Jennifer Barnhart, Social Studies Teacher, Cherokee Trail High School
  • Javiera Brewer, Drama Teacher, Infinity Middle School
  • Erin Brown, Math Teacher, Endeavor Academy
  • Tim Brown, Drama Teacher, Smoky Hill High School
  • Justin Burns, Kindergarten Teacher, Creekside Elementary
  • Cristi Camps, First Grade Teacher, Coyote Hills Elementary
  • Kim Casali, STEM Teacher, Buffalo Trail Elementary
  • Pam Casner, Fourth Grade Teacher, Challenge School
  • Jennifer Christianson, Kindergarten Teacher, Altitude Elementary
  • Brooke Costa, Fourth Grade Teacher, Ponderosa Elementary
  • Tobi Dattilo, First Grade Teacher, Homestead Elementary
  • Morgan Dosen, Kindergarten Teacher, Timberline Elementary
  • James Dosky, Infrastructure Engineering Teacher, Cherry Creek Innovation Campus
  • Jen Ellerbroek, Director, Health Services Department
  • Jen Funnell, Visual Arts Teacher, Grandview High School
  • Sarah Glennon, Art Teacher, Dry Creek Elementary
  • Denise Goldin-Dubois, Instructional Coach, West Middle School
  • Brooke Gralla, Kindergarten Teacher, Walnut Hills Community Elementary
  • Jenny Hensler, Language Arts Interventionist, Rolling Hills Elementary
  • Sydney Herman, Math Teacher, Overland High School
  • Visi Herman, Art Teacher, Cherry Creek Elevation
  • Jessi Hickey, Second Grade Teacher, Highline Community Elementary
  • Kristin Higgins, Social Worker, Adaptive Programs
  • Jamie Hofmeister, World Language Teacher, Cherry Creek High School
  • Julie Huffman, First Grade Teacher, Dakota Valley Elementary
  • Sarah James, Fourth Grade Teacher, Sunrise Elementary
  • Cheryl Jaret, First Grade Teacher, Heritage Elementary
  • Briana Jimenez, First Grade Teacher, Woodland Elementary
  • Stephanie Kelly, Second Grade Teacher, Cottonwood Creek Elementary
  • Bob Kennedy, Counselor, Smoky Hill High School
  • Yuri Kim, Social Studies Teacher, Overland High School
  • Kayla Lang, Science Teacher, Eaglecrest High School
  • Jenny Langford, Language Arts Teacher, Liberty Middle School
  • Scott Learned, Physical Education Teacher, Grandview High School
  • Jana Lucas, Art Teacher, Sagebrush Elementary
  • Micheal Maes, Kindergarten Teacher, Belleview Elementary
  • Sabrina  McKenna, Physical Education Teacher, Fox Hollow Elementary
  • Deb McMullen, First Grade Teacher, Holly Ridge Primary
  • Dan McPherson, ACE Teacher, Adaptive Programs
  • Lanette Moe, Severe Needs Teacher, Eastridge Community Elementary
  • Edi Munoz, Sixth Grade Teacher, Falcon Creek Middle School
  • Stephanie Nicholls, Fourth Grade Teacher, Black Forest Hills Elementary
  • Amy Okimoto, Connections Coordinator, Summit Elementary
  • Meredith Olugbode, Third Grade Teacher, Polton Elementary
  • Cassandra Parker, Special Education Teacher, Aspen Crossing Elementary
  • Lesley Philipps, English Teacher, Cherry Creek High School
  • James Quintana, Social Studies Teacher, Fox Ridge Middle School
  • Janice Riggs, First Grade Teacher, Village East Elementary
  • Teri Rodriguez, Kindergarten Teacher, Peakview Elementary
  • Brian Sachs, Fifth Grade Teacher, Antelope Ridge Elementary
  • Kelly Smith, Art Teacher, Sky Vista Middle School
  • Elise Snuggerud, Fourth Grade Teacher, Cimarron Elementary
  • Kathryn Stapleton, Math Teacher, Options Program
  • Jacob Thaler, Music Teacher, Thunder Ridge Middle School
  • Shelby Thomas, Social Worker, Horizon Community Middle School
  • Cindi Thompson, Language Arts Teacher, Laredo Middle School
  • Brett Turner, Occupational Therapist, Meadow Point Elementary
  • Shannon Walsweer, Language Arts Teacher, Cherokee Trail High School
  • Catrina White, Kindergarten Teacher, Pine Ridge Elementary
  • Chen Wu, Music Teacher, Prairie Middle School
  • Janelle Zakes, Eighth Grade Teacher, Campus Middle School

Posted 4/23/2024.