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Eastridge Community Elementary School Principal Bridget Contreraz named CAESP Reba Ferguson Rookie of the Year

Bridget is the principal at Eastridge Community Elementary. Since working at this school, she has introduced a transformative vision of equity and excellence. Her unwavering belief that all children can meet grade-level expectations in literacy and math have become the cornerstone of her leadership. Bridget envisioned a school where every student, regardless of background, would have the skills to pursue any pathway of purpose they desired.

Over the course of a year, Bridget built a guiding coalition and a professional learning team that embraced her vision. This collective effort, rooted in her core values of growth and vulnerability, led to significant changes in both mindset and practice. The staff at Eastridge developed a collective efficacy, resulting in increased confidence and achievement among all students.

Aligning with the district’s strategic goals—ensuring literacy proficiency, eliminating racial disproportionality, and prioritizing wellbeing—Bridget set Eastridge on track to meet these targets ahead of schedule. Her focus on analyzing student achievement and discipline data for historically marginalized populations shows her commitment to equity.

Bridget’s thoughtful questions and inclusive approach ensured that staff remained focused on the vision. She created a welcoming and supportive environment, inspiring her team to strive for educational excellence. She offers ample support for her staff through lesson planning nights and continues to be a learner herself through opportunities offered through the district.

Colleagues praise Bridget for her clear vision, tireless efforts, and intentional leadership. Her ability to foster a positive environment while meeting the needs of students and staff is seen by her community.