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CCIC's Consuelo Martinez honored with CCSD Hero Award

honoree smiling with superintendent and principalThis spring, Consuelo Martinez, who works on the Cherry Creek innovation Center (CCIC) facility team, provided critical medical assistance to a volunteer helping on campus. 

In honor of her courageous efforts, Martinez was honored as a CCSD Hero. 

“Consuelo, thank you for helping our community members in times of need, and for keeping our students and staff safe every day,” said Superintendent Christopher Smith. “You are truly a Cherry Creek Hero.”

When Martinez saw that the volunteer required medical intervention, she stepped in to help them through the event and ensured that they were able to get home safely. Her proactive intervention prevented a greater emergency that day.  

“Consuelo deserves this award not only for her assistance to the volunteer on the day they needed it the most, but also for her extraordinary positive and unwavering work, disposition, and amazingly consistent kindness to all,” said CCIC Principal Steve Day. “She is a gem and we are proud to be a part of her CCIC family.”

Thank you, Consuelo, for your critical, outstanding efforts to help your community. Cherry Creek is lucky to have you!