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Letter of apology from board president

Dear Cherry Creek Schools Staff,

Last evening, as part of my remarks while on stage at the Teacher Awards Banquet, I used a racist term that is deeply offensive, and I am truly sorry. When first confronted about my use of the word, my initial reaction was defensive and I tried to explain my reason for the word choice. I have since had time to reflect on my actions and to have conversations with people in my life, and I now understand that my words were hurtful and damaging. I own my mistake and I apologize for it.

I am addressing my apology to all of you because as board president, I represent the entire Cherry Creek School District community. I apologize to those in the room who heard me speak, but I also apologize to all of you, because my use of racist language at a school event does not reflect Cherry Creek values. I have high expectations for myself and for this organization, and I failed to meet those expectations.

I commit to you that I will do what it takes to repair the damage I have caused and to work toward an inclusive culture that values and respects all.

Again, I send my deepest apologies to the entire CCSD community.

David Willman

Post 5/1/2019