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New mural at Sagebrush Elementary a labor of love

Sagebrush families helping to paint muralThe cement wall next to the Sagebrush Elementary School playground has a vibrant and fresh paint job, thanks to a community effort. The colorful new mural is named ‘The Shades of All Colors’ and was created with the help of volunteers.

Sagebrush administration said the wall was being tagged with graffiti and that the idea to create a mural to deter vandalism began in November of 2022.

“We decided to make something that wasn’t as blank and wasn’t as much of an open canvas for people to destroy,” Principal Chris Powell explained. “We wanted to make something that kids would enjoy on the playground.”graffiti on the wall where the new mural is at Sagebrush

More than 50 volunteers helped fundraise and paint the beautiful masterpiece. Sagebrush Art Teacher Jana Lucas began the design, but it quickly morphed into something that she wanted to incorporate community engagement into.

“I want it to belong to the school rather than it being something that I did,” Lucas said. “Creating a design that parents, teachers, and kids could come in and contribute to, and simplified it. I wanted something that was fun and celebratory that the kids would enjoy looking at every day.”

From the materials used to craft the mural to its title, it was all sourced through community involvement. Lucas held a contest for students to come up with a name for the mural and had twenty names to choose from. Fifth grade student Alejandra Ramirez-Archuleta came up with the winning title, ‘The Shades of All Colors.’

“When I saw the painting, I saw all the shapes and colors,” Ramirez-Archuleta added. “I saw red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It was inspiring and it reminds me of all the kids in school that I see.”

Art Teacher Jana Lucas and student Alejandra Ramirez-ArchuletaBefore seeing the mural for the first time, Ramirez-Archuleta admitted she was having a bad day, but that changed once she saw the bright, colorful mural. Upon discovering that her suggested title would be the mural’s final name, the student sported a huge smile that the art teacher witnessed.

“It makes me feel excited that when I go to high school, when I get to take the spirit bus, I’ll be able to see it again,” Ramirez-Archuleta said.

“It was very thoughtful, and it represented our mural the best way that our kids could represent it,” Lucas added.

A plaque will be placed with the title and contributors next to the mural. Sagebrush Elementary would like to thank its PTCO, Vivaxpro, Home Depot, and Building Engineer Paul Argo for their support and donations for this project.

“I hope the mural instills even more pride in our school,” Lucas said. “I hope they’ll return and say, ‘oh hey, I painted that section right there’ or ‘I remember when we did that.’”

Posted on 10/3/2023.


mural behind the playground at Sagebrushstudents help paint