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If your Child is Absent:

If your child is absent, please call the school to report the absence to reduce the number of calls and families we need to reach out to in a day. We will ask the reason, as we do try to track sickness in classrooms and across Sunrise for trends. This allows us to ensure that deep cleans happen in spaces where there may be more students or staff with similar symptoms.


Pre-planned Absences:

Please communicate with the Sunrise Office and your child's teacher.

Homework will not be provided prior to an absence. Here are a few ideas for consistency and connection to school:


  • Read at least 30 minutes each day
  • Keep a journal of your travels or your daily activities
  • Practice math with your child(ren) by creating your own problems
  • Have them problem solve, dig into any science, history or social topics you have access to or are exploring.
  • Have them ask questions, talk through their thinking and share their ideas as much as possible.


Upon return, your child(ren)'s teacher will provide you with any missing work that they need to complete.