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Cherry Creek Schools celebrates the solar eclipse

girls laying on grass looking up at the solar eclipse with eclipse glasses on On April 8, every student and staff member across CCSD celebrated the solar eclipse! This rare celestial event presented an educational opportunity for our students to engage in scientific exploration and interdisciplinary learning. 

All students and staff were provided with glasses for today’s viewing. To kick-off the day, every classroom watched an informational video featuring astronomy students from Eaglecrest High School about what a solar eclipse is and what safety precautions to take.

The solar eclipse not only offered students the opportunity to engage in real-world science, but also to learn about the history Students holding up solar eclipse artwork and cultural significance of the solar eclipse across the globe. 

Celebrations were full of excitement, curiosity, and enriched learning experiences for our students. All of our schools hosted activities spanning across disciplines including art, history, and science. Three schools launched Near Space Balloons to get footage of the eclipse from space while conducting experiments. 

Thank you to Cherry Creek Schools Food and Nutrition students launching a near space weather balloonServices for providing an eclipse-themed lunch complete with sun clips and moon cakes to all elementary students! 

Today was an unforgettable educational milestone for our students. We can’t wait to see how CCSD celebrates for the next generation in 2045!