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Woodland's first ever art show features forest creatures

Woodland Elementary Student points to artwork.Woodland Elementary School was full of parents, guardians, and students for their first ever art show on April 6! Woodland art teacher, Ashley Pershing, believes that art shows should be an immersive experience. Considering this was Woodland’s first art show, she decided that woodland creatures in the forest would be the perfect, immersive theme to explore.  

“The students are so proud and they go on and on about how they made it, what they used and it is such a great experience to see,” Pershing said.

Every hallway was filled with student art—truly creating a forest wonderland. There was even an interactive area for Pre-K students to show off their cave art using flashlights. Each kindergartner drew a bear with a sweater and fall trees, the first graders each sculpted a clay bird in a yarn nest and drew a bear wearing a scarf, and the second graders each made colorful owls in a 3D tree, including a hidden animal in their drawings.

“This is truly amazing,” Principal Teolyn Bourbonnie said. “Pershing spent months setting this art show up. It is so exciting to see the students’ faces as they show off their work.”

Each third grader sewed together a bear and papier-mâché owls in a woven nest. Every fourth grader made clay hedgehogs and bunnies with a colorful landscape, and each fifth grader created a two-point perspective tree house and a landscape. The library had an interactive catch and release pond and a campsite area for students to interact with other families.

“I hope students get inspired and want to go home and do more art and want to show everyone how they made the art and inspire others to make art!” Pershing added. “Art is something that everyone can experience in different ways and it can be inspiring to everyone if they look at it the right way.”

Posted 4/10/2023.