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Traffic Plan keeps kids safe at Fox Ridge.

The safe arrival to and departure from school is important to us.  As our enrollment has increased significantly in recent years, we want to minimize congestion and expedite the carpool lanes.  Our traffic plan is attached.  A few key points:

  • Students should be dropped off and picked up by the West Entrance only - not in the parking lot, and not along the drop off line.

  • Please do not park in the carpool lanes until 3:30 pm. It is a fire lane and we cannot have it blocked. If you arrive early you may park in the upper lot.  

  • Do not drop students off in the parking lot and allow them to walk through the parking lot.  This creates an unsafe situation for your child as we have an increase in vehicle traffic during drop off and pick up times.  We often have high school students (and some adults) speeding through our parking lots while on their phones.