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Innovation Center News!

Laredo Middle School is so excited about our brand new Innovation Center!

The school celebrated with a Grand Opening Open House during our Parent-Teacher Conference Night on September 23rd.

This multi-use space was set up with a sampling of the educational, collaborative and fun activities that the IC will be hosting.

One table was available for hands-on STEM activities.  Another table with a whiteboard surface encouraged students and parents to write down their book recommendations.

White board table with book titles written on it

A Kahoot trivia game screen was set up in a different area, and in yet another corner students could shoot videos against a green screen.

In the center of the room we have an elevated area that is sure to inspire many options including role-playing, debates, lectures and demonstrations.

Along one wall we have two computer labs.  Mobile furniture enables small group discussion and collaborative spaces.

We are very excited to explore the many uses the Innovation Center provides assisting us in our quest to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students!

Innovation Center bookshelves and chairs arranged for a discussion group