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INCLUSION is a way of life at Liberty Middle School

Inclusion sign on wall at Liberty Middle School Liberty Middle School is a caring community that celebrates inclusion and acceptance year-round. But this week, Liberty’s inclusive culture is even more evident: all students and staff members will wear the same INCLUSION shirt or the color blue on Wed., March 6 to promote INCLUSION Day.

Students have been working on several powerful INCLUSION Day projects, said ILC teacher Dorothea Madry. Those projects include a video, created by ILC students with a little help from Dr. Michael Stanley, the school’s librarian, Principal Keven Doherty and tech teacher Jonaca Blaize.

“In addition, Liberty’s students from Partner’s Club (Special Olympics) created posters with the group NO Place for Hate,” Madry said. “There are several school-wide activities such as an Inclusion Wall and Pledge Table that all students can participate in.”

 That includes a campaign to spread the word “Inclusion” and end the “R-Word,” part of an ongoing effort launched by Special Olympics to inspire respect and acceptance through raising consciousness to include everyone.

“We encourage everyone to replace hurtful language with positive words and try to include everyone,” Madry added.

Liberty joins other schools in the Cherry Creek School District and across the country that are working to promote inclusion, acceptance and respect for others.

“Philosopher and psychologist William James said, ‘Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.’” Madry said. “The INCLUSION Campaign is another opportunity for all of us to show pride and respect to others.  It is how we all should choose to conduct ourselves on a daily basis.”