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Fashion Students Design Dresses Out of Paper

March 11, 2022

Our Fashion Club competed and participated in the Denver Paper Fashion show yesterday. There were 34 teams, 14 of which were student teams from middle school to college.

The entire outfit must be made out of 90% paper. This is quite the challenge! The students started with several ideas that just did not come to fruition, because putting paper on a moving body is hard. Paper just does not work the same as fabric. I love the creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving this competition provides. 

This year's submission was titled: Arachne’s Metamorphosis

In Greek mythology, a commoner, Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest, When Athena could not find one flaw in Arachne’s work, she beat her out of spite. This caused Arachne’s to kill herself, but then was reborn as an amazing Spider.  This design was inspired by her evolution of meek to bold.

Sam Pazos-Knight was our model, and Michelle Ganbat was the head designer. The following students created and all worked together to create the final look:

  1. Sam Pazos-Knight
  2. Esmerelda Nevarez Quesada
  3. Moromolaoluwa Folami
  4. Leah Mendoza
  5. Fatimah Al Shammari
  6. Michelle Ganbat
  7. Yenna Kwon
  8. Ibraham Abdalrauf
  9. Jamilah Johnson
  10. Aaisha Eisa
  11. Alexa Garcia
  12. Venera Aslanian
  13. Ashley Facio
  14. Deonte Cadogan

photo of fashion students