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Overland Reads Video

OTV is proud to present Overland Reads 2024
This year, Cherry Creek Reads proudly features the enlightening book Words of Wonder From Z to A. Within its pages, seventeen-year-old Zaila Avant-Garde gracefully weaves her profound connection to language, presenting 26 carefully chosen words in reverse alphabetical order—words that echo deeply with her identity.

When one thinks of Overland High School, our culture of diversity and inclusion comes to mind. We are a school defined by our motley of groups and individuals.  With inspiration from the book, OTV set out and found 26 individuals who share with us a word that speaks to their identity. Those individuals are listed below.


Zamzam Mohamed -  12th Grade

Yenna Kwon - 11th Grade

Xavier Rodriguez - 12th Grade

Whitney Fosu - 12th Grade 

Ventura (Cloud) Saydee - 10th Grade

Unyque Hollie - 11th Grade

Tavio Amouzou - 10th Grade

Sabirin Jama - 10th Grade

Reggie Polk - Maintenance Coordinator

Quinci O'Brien Dumont - Alumni

Phuc Nguyen -  9th Grade

Oryn Snyder - 9th Grade

Nour Idris - 12th Grade

Maggie Condie - 9th Grade

Lina Ho - 12th Grade

Kareem Ahmed - 12th Grade

Jessica Jimenez - 12th Grade

Ihslam Drera - 10th Grade

Hana Kebede - 12th Grade

Gyasi Cetshwayo - 10th Grade

Fatimah Al Shammari - 11th Grade

Elias Castro - 11th Grade

Diego Fleetwood - 12th Grade

Chad Hamilton - 11th Grade

Sybil Booker - Principal

Allison Terry - 9th Grade


Quoting directly from the book, “Words have the power to inspire. They cheer us up when we’re down. They shine so bright when everything feels dark.”  Words of Wonder from Z to A masterfully depict words of motivation and inspiration, and I highly recommend immersing yourself in its wisdom during our annual Cherry Creek Reads Week. Yet, beyond the pages of any book you read this week, I hope you discover new words to hold dear, find meaning in, and take pride in. For words, in their essence, have the remarkable ability to shape who we are, and what would Overland be without you? Let us read together, inspire together, and enjoy 2024’s Cherry Creek Reads Week.