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CCIC CNA Instructor Honored as an African American Who Makes A Difference

Elerie Archer, MBA, BSN, RN

Nurse Aide Instructor / Program Coordinator - CCIC

Elerie Archer is best known as the convener of resources and for creative innovative health and wellness solutions that address the healthcare disparities and inequities that affect the Black community. She has hosted and sponsored health and wellness fairs, workshops and educational seminars that promote mental health awareness and knowledge for creating a healthier lifestyle.

During the past year she promoted community resources for COVID-19 vaccinations, ensuring that our communities had access and knowledge from healthcare providers that look like our African American community.

Archer says "As a registered nurse, educator and servant leader, I choose to take an active role as this is my calling, passion and duty to help others."

She feels some of the biggest challenges facing the African American community are education and health disparities, attainment of progressive policies and wealth literacy, and lack of opportunities for youth ages 16 to 25. In her opinion, the best way to resolve these challenges is with meaningful, collective impact of African American organizations converging toward a uniformity of common goals.

In the future, "I would like to plan, build and implement the Black Neighborhood Innovation Centers of Excellence (B-Nice), a one-stop shop that would house all our community needs and resources under a unified roof."

She would like to be remembered as a Black woman who was a good daughter, sister, mother, friend, and a devoted healthcare provider, educator and philanthropist who gave unselfishly and was compassionate about her community.