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CCIC Health & Wellness Students Compete at HOSA

The CCIC HOSA chapter competed at the State Leadership Conference in downtown Denver.

Congratulations to all of our members

  • Sabrina Kazi
  • Soliyana Zebene
  • Anna Aldaba Cruz
  • Natalie Maclean
  • Ashley Perez
  • Elise Midcap
  • Sunita Sangraula
  • Mustaqim Abdile
  • Temitope Adesegha
  • Jayla Wiley

Special congratulations to the team of Sabrina Kazi and Sunita Sangraula for placing in the top 10 in Public Health and to the team of Jayla Wiley, Ashley Perez, and Natalie Maclean for a top 10 finish in Creative Problem Solving.

Outstanding achievement goes to Natalie Maclean, who will serve on the HOSA state executive council as the VP of Post-Secondary/Collegiate Membership.