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CCIC Business Students at DECA District Conference

CCIC’s DECA Chapter took 24 members to compete at this year’s District Competition and State Qualifiers at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on November 14th.  Competing against multiple Chapters that are often more than six times the size of CCIC’s Chapter, more than one-third of our students made the stage and qualified for State.  This includes:

  • David Britt in Business Service Marketing Roleplay
  • Kya Odejewski and Georgia Lujan in Entrepreneurship Roleplay
  • Lila Kelly and Angela Ocampo in Principles of Business Management and Administration Roleplay
  • Jahara Veal in Principles of Marketing Roleplay
  • Davol Moses in Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series Roleplay
  • Ely Bekker with Anthony Livits in Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making.

We are particularly proud of CCIC DECA’s performance in Entrepreneurship and Principles of Business Management and Administration, taking half of the qualifying spots in each of those categories.