Parking Pass

Parking Registration QR Code

Parking Pass Information & Registration

In order to fill out the parking form you must use google chrome as your primary browser and be logged into a google email account.  If are not logged into a Google email account, the form will deny you entry and you will receive a 403 Google error code.  If you do not have a google account your students username and password when entered into the google log in screen will allow you to log into their Google school account, then granting you access to the form.  

ALL Staff and Student vehicles parked on the GHS campus must have a valid parking pass displayed in the front window.  For information and to register your vehicle for a parking pass click here or use the QR Code to the left.


  • photo copies of student’s driver’s license (paper or plastic)
  • current vehicle registration (cannot be 30 days past expiration date in upper right corner)
  • valid vehicle insurance form
  • receipt from bookkeeper

The above items must be turned in to security. Once they have been submitted you will be given your parking pass.