CT Students Earn Solidworks Certification

On Saturday Jack Wicklund,  Hayden Schlichting, and Zach Fitzjarrell passed the Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) certification exam. SOLIDWORKS is the industry leader in mechanical Computer Aided Design software.  The CSWE is the highest level of professional certification that SOLIDWORKS offers. Only 1.5% of certified users reach this level. To be eligible to take the CSWE, these students had to pass six other certifications.

 To put this in perspective,  less then a handful of high school students worldwide earn this certification each year. Almost all of the other 4216  CSWE’s earned this certification after college while working as a professional engineer.  Only 13 students in Colorado have ever passed this exam while still in high school. 8 of those students went to CT.  


If you know Jack, Hayden, or Zack please congratulate them.