2022-2023 School Supply Lists Coming Soon!

If you would like an easy way to take care of your student's supplies now, order an EduKit. EduKits include the supplies approved by our school!


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Why our teachers LOVE the Edu Kits! 


The Edu kit is perfect.  The kids love coming to school and seeing all their new supplies.  It saves loads of time.  We get to jump right into learning and building relationships instead of organizing supplies. 

Julie Kimura

We love the Edukit Supply Box as a convenience for you as a parent! We are always so grateful for your support and want to make school supply shopping as easy and convenient as possible for you! We love the quality of the supplies and the cost too! Save time and money, such a "Win-Win!"  

Ashley Echols


When kids purchase the EduKit it helps take the guesswork out of school supply shopping. Kits arrive and are placed right on student's desks to unpack on Back2School night. You can still buy personalized pencil boxes and fun erasers at the store, but bypass the agony over finding the darn yellow, no brad, plastic, 5-star, extra-ribbed yellow folder that stores NEVER HAVE!  

 Meredith Ramsey


Edukits are so convenient! As a primary teacher, I’m not one to back down from the challenge of “How many grocery bags full of supplies can I help students carry into the building on the 1st day of school?” However, it IS much easier to just set EduKits out on their desks before they arrive! Kids are excited to open their supplies, and we know that everything we’ve requested for student success is ready to go.  For my fellow parents out there, if you’ve ever spent a Saturday in early August digging through bins in the “Back-to-School” section looking for what feels like the LAST yellow 2-pronged folder that was ever produced, or the seemingly non-existent primary-lined composition notebooks, then EduKits may just change your life! 

Briana Jimenez

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