Facility Rental Schedule:

2022-2023 Facility Rental  Schedule:

 Indoor and Outdoor Requests

This office will accept online requests beginning August 1, 2022, for both indoor and outdoor facility usage.

2022-2023 indoor facility usage spans from September 6, 2022, through May 31, 2023.  

2022-2023  outdoor facility usage spans from August 14, 2022, through December 23, 2022. Please note the dates may change due to drought or other weather-impacting conditions.

Please do not intend to begin utilizing internal school facilities until September 6, 2022, the day after Labor Day.

Due to the high volume of requests on these dates, please allow more than the usual two-week turnaround time for processing your request(s). 




This office will accept online requests for SPRING 2023 field usage on January 15, 2023. 
The Spring 2022 field season spans from February 28 through May 26, 2023.


This office will accept online requests for SUMMER 2023 field usage on March 15, 2023.
The Summer 2023 field season spans from May 27, 2023, through July 31, 2023.   

Please note that all dates are subject to change. Please also note that some fields may be closed during the summer for repairs.