Karen Fisher, Director District E

Karen Fisher, CCSD Board of Education vice president

Karen Fisher, President

Director, District E

By the time Fisher was elected to the Cherry Creek board in 2013, she'd served in volunteer roles at Belleview Elementary, Campus Middle School and Cherry Creek High School. She'd worked on accountability committees, served on the Community Asset Project Board, helped organize the first Family Wellness Summits and worked extensively with the district's Parents Council.

"I was really interested in running for school board for a number of years," Fisher said. "I attended meetings for a number of years before I was elected, and my transition was pretty smooth."

Part of that activism stemmed from Fisher's role as a parent of six children enrolled in the district. But Fisher, who earned an executive MBA in finance and marketing from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and held high-profile positions at large banks across the country, also chalks up her years of activism to a well-honed work ethic.

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